Profile in Awesomeness: Neil Patrick Harris


2687697337_f04b07745cI am a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris. His witty delivery and controlled slapstick make “How I Met Your Mother.” He can sing and dance. And–I consider this cheating–he starred in Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” I would become a big fan of an umbrella if it starred in something by Whedon.

In anticipation of his (successful, IMO) Emmy hosting gig, New York magazine recently interviewed Harris for the cover. The story centered on Harris as a huge star whose fame was not affected by coming out. It’s an interesting story, but the one I really found inspiring was the story about his talent.

From the article: “Along with magic, he adores variety shows, Buster Keaton, slapstick and acrobatics, cryptography and treasure hunts [….] This is the stuff that most attracts him, he tells me–anything stylized, abstract, requiring skills and practice [….] He discusses his own performances this way, too, as a technical achievement. ‘For me, I’ve always had a desire to know how things were done. How things worked.'” Amen.

I feel lucky to be alive at a time when I have decades to anticipate what Neil Patrick Harris does next. Click here for the article.


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