What to Expect in 2010


Happy 2010!

As one of my resolutions for the year is to post more (26 entries by the end–hold me to it), I’m going to keep this post short and unambitious. One point and I’m out.

New Years is my favorite holiday. It is >the< holiday of self-improvement, when you take stock of the previous year and dedicate yourself to what you want to change in the year to come. In addition to my 26 posts, I plan to tackle my details problem (see previous post), which I think is really a tendency to rush the double-checking process. I am pledging to double-check every important email I send and to continue to show up to events I am running an extra half hour earlier than I'm expected.

As to '09, it was my best yet. It was marked by several solid classes I co-created or ran and by moving in with my girlfriend in a neighborhood and life we love. I also started this blog, which I consider crucial in my growth to the level of wisdom in my field I think I need.

It's hard to think of how the next year will top 2009, except that I expect it will. If you remain dedicated to your life and to learning and understanding more and achieving more always, then shouldn't progress be the norm? That's not to say that it's guaranteed, as I could always get struck by lightning or the economy could fall apart at a whole new level or the government could choose to tax Randal Vegters at a 100% rate or whatnot. But those things are not the norm, and I have no particular reason to expect them.

Leaving aside the exceptionally awful things, I have every reason to believe that 2010 is going to be frickin awesome. And if I have every reason to believe that this New Year is going to rock my world, then I have every reason to believe that this New Decade is going to as well. And if you choose to take them on as well, then you do, too. Let's see how it all turns out!


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