“Pursuit of Awesomeness” Gets a New Name


Whenever I’ve told the name of my blog to anyone in my personal life, I’ve received a wide smile and excitement about the venture. When I’ve told it to anyone in my professional life, I’ve received a forced smile and polite nod. If I could put the look into words, it would be something like, “Oh, okay. You’re not actually someone I should take seriously. My mistake.” Colleagues tend to ask me about my “awesomeness” blog, and I cringe.

As tempting as its been to make a change and regain some professional respect, my mind has always rebelled against changing it. “Pursuit of Awesomeness” means something to me. It names in broad emotional terms what my professional work and my entire life are about, even if I don’t quite have a precise handle on what it is means. If my choice is between a name that gets me excited to write or something bland but professional like “Performance Psychology Weekly,” I think it’s better to choose the former.

But now I figured out how to have my cake and eat it, too! Behold “Psychology for the Ambitious!” Drink from its glory!

I came to the new name while working out what problem I’m trying to solve with my career. A key question here was who to consider my audience, and my answer was essentially my friends and people like them. The people I gravitate to and sympathize with are the ones that live with the attitude of “Okay, I’m alive, and I have this really cool world to play with. What do I want to do with it? Translating that attitude into goals and quality work and ultimate success is a real challenge, and that’s where I hope to add value.

The name “Pursuit of Awesomeness” actually does seem immature to me now by comparison–not because pursuing awesomeness is something best left to childhood but because its so damned imprecise. As I said, “Pursuit of Awesomeness” names a broad emotion; I actually have to explain it in order for the name to mean anything to anyone. “Psychology for the Ambitious” summons up a subject, an audience, a tone, and suggests some topics you might read about. I like it.

So now I’ve written two posts in a row about the blog itself. I suppose I should actually get to doing something. Fair enough.



  1. New URL?

    • Should be coming tomorrow, but my plan is that this will continue to work.

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