About Me

Coach, class designer, facilitator, project manager, and intellectual in the field of productivity psychology. I work (happily) at JetBlue by day but am ready to branch out to other ambitious people.

My philosophy: My experience is that there are a lot of ambitious people in the world who want to make great things, and their obstacle is not primarily the challenges of the outside world but rather themselves. They aren’t clear enough on what they want. They are motivated in fits and starts. And when they do sit down to work, they often don’t know how to proceed in order to meet their standards.

My approach is to learn from the lives of successful creators and the work of other professional intellectuals to draw out universal principles and present them in the most simple and applicable means possible. The human mind is the most powerful tool there is: in fact, it’s the only tool that matters. But it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Professional Experience: I have worked at JetBlue Airways since 2008 and in that time have worked with leaders from frontline to C-level and designed or delivered programs in:

  • Professional skills; including time management, product innovation, customer psychology, conflict resolution, presentation skills, and project management;
  • Leadership skills; including team development, communication and coordination, vision creation, and virtual leadership

I received my BA from Columbia University and then my MA from Columbia’s Teachers College in “Cognitive Studies in Education.”  I have also delivered programs at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, MetLife, and Liz Claiborne.


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